Grant High School class of 1970

The story behind the banana

The banana was made by Cathy Murphy, Kathy Rogers, Terri Mauzer, Jane Knight, and Rhonda Kabot.
They made it in Rhonda's parents basement.

There was a contest held at every Friday pep rally. The class that was the loudest, won the banana for a week.

Our class cheer was "We're the best, wait and see! We're the class of '70!"

In the photo from left to right is- Cathy Murphy, Ann Dubeck (we're pretty sure), Marsha Beth, Lois MacDonald,
 Terri Mauzer, and Kathy Grady hiding. 
Under the banana- Bonnie Sandberg and Jane Knight.
But look closely! There is a third, unknown person between Bonnie and Jane under the banana.
We're still trying to figure out who it is. Do you know?

Photo compliments of Kathy Radzik (Grady)

Grant High Cheerleaders class of 1970

Terri was a trend setter with the two different color socks.

Here's a color photo.

Grant High Banana