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Here's a few interesting facts from 1969-1970

#1 form of music-  LP's  (albums)  cost around $2.44. Popular groups and songs:
#1 selling book-  Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex.  
#1 TV program-  Partridge Family CTA/Chicago-  Colour My World, I'm a Man
Popular movies- M*A*S*H, Patton, Hello Dolly, On Her Majesty's Secret Service Santana- Soul Sacrifice
For about a $1.00 you could get a hamburger, fries and Coke at McDonalds. Led Zepplin- Good Times Bad Times
First class stamp was 6 cents. 3 Dog Night- Easy to Be Hard
Average cost of regular gallon of gas-  .59 cents Blood Sweat & Tears- Spinning Wheels
Paul McCartney announces that the Beatles have disbanded. The Who- Pinball Wizard
President- Richard Nixon Grand Funk Railroad- I'm your Captain
Popular toys- Hot Wheels, Barbie Dolls, NHL Table Hockey Derik and the Dominos- Layla
April 1, 1970-  Gremlin car introduced and cost $1,879.00 Rolling Stones-  Let it Bleed
KC Chiefs win Super Bowl IV against Minnesota Vikings CSN- Suite Judy Blue Eyes
July 20th, 1969- Apollo 11 lands on the moon. "One small step for man" Kinks- Lola
April 11th, 1970- Apollo 13 launches. "Houston, we have a problem" Bee Gees- Lonely Day