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Next class reunion,
summer of 2015!

60th Birthday Party recap

New photos of
Big Hollow and Gavin Grade School,
our 60th Birthday Party are now
posted on our photo page 6/30/2013!

Interested in helping with our reunions?
It's nice to have new faces & ideas. We meet 1-2 times a year.
Contact if you're interested.

Current committee members;
Sharon Griffth (Treasurer)
Rick Pasturczak (web guy & keeper of classmate info)
Dave & Margaret Rummel
Cathy Green
Bill Schnoor
Cathy Christensen


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Kirby has taken a break.

As many of you know, Kirby Wagner has been the backbone of keeping our class together over the years. He hasn't done it alone. He has had help but he's been on the committee almost since day one and has spent many hours looking for missing classmates. He has spent so much time that he got burned out and decided to step down.

That's not to say he won't be helping from time to time. He just won't be spearheading everything. Thank you Kirby for all your help over the years. It is very appreciated!

Classmate Sam Hudd remembered
Classmate Sam Hudd passed away  November 1st, 2013.

New bio for Cindy Pratt
Update for Beth Panek
Update for Melody Peterson

Want to search for other classmates? Probably the most popular classmate web site

Here's a link to the
Grant High School web site

Here's a link to the
Fox Lake and Grant Township Historical Society web site.
Some interesting stuff to see.