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Our 60th Birthday Party
Held Saturday, August 11th, 2012.

It was at Lakes Bowl in Round Lake. The birthday party started at 6 pm and went to midnight. The cost was free and we had a birthday cake!
Gerry Stimpson was the winner of our 50/50 raffle and donated the money to the class fund. Thank you Gerry.

List of attendees for 60th Birthday Party

Class of 1970 attendees

Class of 1970 attendees Class of 1970 attendees

Other class attendees

Dave & Margaret Rummel Tom Smith Bob and Alice Langbein Fred Lofredo
Tom & Cathy Green (Salemi) Tom & Sue Chisholm (Layton) George and Denise Engeln Dean Molburg
Kirby & Sue Wagner Mike and Wendy Dobosiewicz Sharon Hamsher Sharon Burr (Walk)
Rick Pasturczak Cathy Christensen (Halsey) Bob and Diane Kielar Gary Jacobsen
Sharon Griffith (Radtke) Kathy Radzik (Grady) Rick and Sharon Burr  
Bill & Debb Schnoor Chuck and Lavonha Lever Gerry Stimpson (Sokolowski)  
Chris Quinn (Lutz) Allan Miller    
Pete Quaglia Matthew Martin    
Dean and Beth Molburg (Panek) Dan O'Donnell    
Jim Gort Doris & Nick Mutzil (Lippig)    
Judy Foszcz (Smith) Mike Meier    
Tom Savage Ed Kanthack    

60th Birthday Party photos

Your 60th birthday reunion committee

Margaret Rummel (Amlong)
Dave Rummel
Debbie Brage (Behnke)
Rick Pasturczak
Sharon Griffith (Radtke)
Cathy Christensen (Halsey)
Cathy Green (Salemi)
Bill Schnoor