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Our 45th Reunion

We introduced a different format for our 45th reunion. We moved the dates from August to September to be on the same weekend as Grant's homecoming. Many alumni come into town this weekend and we're hoping to attract more people. Our Class of 1970 reunion was on Friday evening. Because Grant's Homecoming is on Saturday, we had the multi class reunion on Saturday evening. We really tried to keep the cost down. Cost for Friday evening was only $20 which includes all you can eat dinner and the room. There was no cost and no dinner for Saturday night.

Friday, September 25th, 6-12pm

This was the Class of 1970 45th reunion. It started at 6 pm and went to around 11:30 pm and was held in the lower level of Moretti's Ristorante on Rt. 12 in Fox Lake. Dinner was served from 6:00 to 9:00 pm and was all you can eat appetizers, chicken wings, pizza, and pasta with a cash bar. Cost was only $20 per person.

Saturday, September 26th

Many went on a tour to the Fox Lake & Grant Township Historical Museum. Located 411 Washington St, downtown Ingleside. Hosted by Kirby Wagner. We then met for a multi class reunion at Hello Folks. Classmates from years 1968 to 1972 attended.

List of attending our 45th reunion

Rick & Laurie Pasturczak Garrit & Kathleen Struck (Settles) Judy Foszcz (Smith)
Dean Molburg and Beth Molburg (Panek) Mike and Wendy Dobosiewicz Dan Doherty
Kirby Wagner and Sue Wagner (Englen) Rick Burr and Sharon Burr (Walk) Tom Savage
Kurt and Gerri Stimpson (Sokolowski) Tom and Cathy Green (Salemi) Cathy Christensen (Halsey)
Bill and Jody Matthei Doris Mutzl (Lipping) and husband Matthew Martin
Jerry and Cheryl Thielsen Jeff and Dawn Schad Deb Brage (Behnke)
Bill and Debb Schnoor Glen Lyons and Lois Lyons (MacDonald) Jim Gort
Sandra Jozef (Vacey) and husband   Linda Boerman (Proctor)
    Ed Kanthack
    Dennis O'Dette
    Tom Smith
    Joyce Hadley

Your 45th class reunion committee

Debbie Brage (Behnke)
Beth Molburg (Panek)
Bob Langbein

Rick Pasturczak  web master
Sharon Griffith (Radtke)
Cathy Christensen (Halsey)

See the Do's and Do Not's for your reunion.

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