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40th Class Reunion Recap
August 13 and 14th, 2010

Friday, August 13th day  The golf outing was held at Fox Lake Country Club. Thanks to Dan O'Donnell who did a great job in setting it up. We had 10 people golf.  Dan O'Donnell, George Englen, Bill & Debb Schnoor, Rick & Laurie Pasturczak, John & Rhonda Kabot (Dahl), Kurt & Gerri Stimpson (Sukolowski). It was a hot day with temps in the 90's but we all survived and still made it to the Ice Breaker.

Friday, August 13th evening The Ice Breaker was again held at Lakes Bowl in Round Lake. We had a room to ourselves and about 70 people attended. There were about 15 classmates from the years of 1969, 1971 and 1972 that also made it. Everyone had a good time. The 50/50 raffle was won by Dean and Beth Molburg (Panek).

Saturday, August 14th The Main Event  was held across the street from the high school at Marvela's Banquet Hall. It was a sold out evening with 72 people. There was a buffet dinner with appetizers and desert. Activities included- We had a DJ playing music from the late 60's and we had a photo booth that was busy all night.

The 50/50 raffle was won again by Dean and Beth Molburg (Panek) and there were door prizes. Between the raffles and door prizes the Reunion Committee raised over $900.00 which will help run our web site, cover postage and other expenses.

of Saturday night attendees

Class of 1970 attendees

Class of 1970 attendees

Other attendees

Mike & Wendy Dobosiewicz Debbie Behnke (Brage) Lori Connell "72"
Dave & Margaret Rummel John & Linda Boerman (Proctor) Susan Dubs (Muehlfelder) "71"
Tom & Cathy Green (Salemi) Bill & Deb Schnoor Dean Molburg "69"
Matt Martin Len Loukota Wes Loukota "72"
Rick & Laurie Pasturczak Charlie & Lavohna Lever Kathleen Hendrix (Allen)  "71"
Bruce & Melody Stalk (Petersen) Cathy Murphy Aleta Adams (Vachy) "72"
Dean & Beth Molburg (Panek) George Englen Sharon Burr (Walk) "71"
Rick & Sharon Burr Doris & Nick Mutzl (Lippig) Julie Boyd (Cusker) and guest "72"
Mike Carsella Val Hackl (Johnson) William Pinkham and guest "72"
Kirby & Sue Wagner Judy Fosczc (Smith)  
Larry & Sharon Griffith (Radtke) Tom Smith *Jerry and Judy Robinson  "faculty"
Mary Jo Coldiron (Marsoobian) Judy Gussow  
Jerry & Cheryl Thielsen Robert & Sharon Hrabak  
Tom and Sue Chisholm (Layton) Gerry & Kurt Stimpson (Sokolowski)  
Monica Schneider and Art Allan Miller  
Carol Holland (Boehlke) and guest Rhonda & John Kabot (Dahl) and guest  
Bob & Alice Langbein    
Ed Kanthack Late attendees- Bob and Sandy Sieger  
Joyce Hadley Late attendees- Jim and Gladys Gort  

* In the words of Mr. Jerry Robinson, "The class of 1970 is a cut above the rest when it comes to reunions, you guys really stand out"! Our class is very fortunate to stay connected with so many of our classmates. This is due to the very hard work of the reunion committee.

The reunion committee

Margaret Rummel (Amlong)
Debbie Brage (Behnke)
Mike Dobosiewicz
Dan Doherty
Rick Pasturczak  web master
Sharon Griffith (Radtke)
Dave Rummel
Cathy Green (Salemi)
Bill Schnoor
Kirby Wagner

Why attend a reunion? Ask anyone who's attended a reunion. They'll tell you it's a great way to catch up with old friends, make new friends, bring back old memories and make new memories. Bring a guest or attend by yourself. This is one time you'll go to a party and guaranteed to run into someone you'll know. Classmates from 1969, 1971 and 1972 are also welcome to attend our reunion.

See the Do's and Do Not's for your reunion.

If you are interested in helping us organize our reunions, we could use your help! Email me at GrantHigh1970@gmail.com if interested.