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35th reunion guest photos

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Bill Clark with wife Pam  Epker  (Both 71)
Mr. & Mrs. Scott (staff)
Sharon with Terri Kukla (69)
Mr. & Mrs. Robinson (staff)
On left, Sharon Walk (Burr 71)
on right Linda Springer (69) & hubby in middle
Mr. & Mrs. Loffredo (staff)


Glen Knack (69) with wife Patti Tonyan (71) (Knack)
Glen wasn't bored. Just caught him with his eyes closed.

Patti Tonyan (71) with husband Glen Knack (71),
Marie Marks (71) and Joanne Giovanetti (69).

Joanne Giovanetti (69) and Kirby Dan Doherty, Jack Brown (69), 
Joyce Murphy (69) and Cathy Murphy. 
Len Loukota with his wife at check in.
Our class but graduated at Wauconda in 1970.
Terri McDevitt with Len Loukota
Dean Molburg (69) with wife Beth Panek Sharon Walk (71) with hubby Rick Burr
Sitting, Chris Plummer (70), Shirley Wagner (69),
 Gail Webster (69) 
Standing, Sandy Sanberg (Duncan 73) & Kim Rothery (71)
Sue Engeln (Wagner 72), Mrs. Robinson
& Wendy Dobosiewicz