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Tom Savage

Tom passed away suddenly in the early morning hours of February 12th, 2017. He resided in the same house he grew up in as a kid in Lake Villa. Tom remained single and enjoyed many types of auto racing and working on his classic Corvette. Tom attended Purdue University after high school and went to work in the carpet industry after college. Tom retired in January of 2010.

Comments from Rick Pasturczak; Tom and I had been friends since 5th grade. He stood up at my wedding and was god father to my son. We doubled dated in high school, went on many ski trips together, attended many Formula 1 and Indy Car races. Some may have thought he was nerdy in high school but he was far from that once you knew him. He spent much of his time in his last years visiting his nieces, nephews, and sisters who lived in TX and CO. RIP bud.

Information as of March, 2017.



Tom with Gerri at 60th Birthday Party.


Tom (far right) at a class picnic.

                   Tom,  Rick  and  Bill.  October 2004