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Jane Mary Knight (Quire)

Jane has lived in Frankfort Kentucky since 1976.  She moved there to take a job and be near her mother, Gwen.  In Frankfort she met, fell in love with and married her husband Butch in 1981. They have two sons. Sam is a full time student, majoring in electronic engineering. Will works at the local Steak n’ Shake and is heading back to college in the fall at Eastern Kentucky University.  Both of sons are single and still live at home with Jane, along with Sully the dog and three cats... LuLu, Misko and Oreo.

Jane lives in the historic district of Frankfort, just one block from the state Capitol. Though her home is not on the National Historic Register, it was built in the late 1800s. It requires constant work and attention. But that’s OK, she loves it and its cozy character. 

Jane has worked for Kentucky Housing Corporation for 24 years. Currently she serves as the Support Services Manager.

Jane has two hobbies….besides being an insatiable reader.  She began designing jewelry six years ago. However it has evolved into more than a hobby, as she sells quite a lot of the pieces that she makes. She enjoys spending her free time improving her jewelry making skills and scouting out new markets for her pieces.  Her other hobby is antiquing.  Jane and her sister, Nancy share a small booth in an antique store in downtown Frankfort.

Jane feels very fortunate to have such a wide and varied circle of friends. The circle includes wonderful friends she’s made in Frankfort as well as those dear friends from high school that she’s kept in touch with over the years.   

Information given from Judy G. as of June, 2010.

Jane's friend and Jane

Jane's sons Sam and Will



Judy, Jane, Judy's daughter Mary Catherine and Cathy