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Lois at 45th with Tom and Deb


Lois Elaine MacDonald (Lyons)

Lois and Glenn Lyons were high school sweethearts and married got in 1973.  Glenn and Lois have two sons, Aaron (1979) and Craig (1981).  They are grandparents to one grand-daughter, Eliana (Craig's daughter).  Glenn and Lois live on Charleston, Illinois where they recently purchased their new home on 3 wooded acres. 

Lois was employed with the State of Illinois DNR as Secretary to the Regional Land Manager in the 1970's. Currently, Lois is the Coles County Jury Manager and has been employed with the Fifth Judicial Circuit Court since 1992. 

Information as of October 2015.


Sandy Jozef (Vacey), Gerri Stimpson (Sokolowski),
Lois, and Cathy Green (Salemi) at 45th reunion.