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Judith "Judy" Ann Gussow (Tolosa)

Judy and her husband Carlos live in Irving, Texas. They met the first month of Judy’s freshman year at the University of Southern Mississippi and married three years later. Jane Knight and Cathy Murphy served as bridesmaids and Erica Runstrom also attended.

Judy graduated from Texas Tech in 1978 with a degree in Elementary Education. She taught preschool and elementary grades in five different states as the family moved a total of 14 times as Carlos’ career advanced.

Judy and Carlos have two children, Mary Catherine, (1974) (named for Jane and Cathy) and Rob, (1982). Mary and her husband Steve have very generously provided Judy and Carlos with three darling grandchildren: Hannah, 6, Alex, 4 and Ryan, 1.

Judy enjoys spending time with her grandchildren as well as cooking, reading, fishing, golf, gardening, entertaining and travel. Four years ago she took up two new hobbies:  piano playing and studying French. 

For those who remember Judy’s parents…. Milton, 87 and Ruth, 84 live at a retirement community in Spanish Fort, Alabama. Milton is active in the computer club and volunteers at the front desk. Ruth line dances, sings in the chorus, plays bingo and dominos and volunteers in the community thrift shop.

Information as of May, 2015.

Judy, Cathy and Jane in 2009 Family group photo
Judy and Carlos Carlos, Judy and grandkids
Judy's parents, Ruth and Milton. Ruth drove a Grant bus. Judy, Jane, Carlos and Cathy at the 40th reunion